At Fairmile, we understand that running a pub is challenging, you must wear many different hats and juggle multiple plates – Not easy!

We’re keen to help you with more than just the numbers – So, we’ve launched a Facebook discussion group to bring like-minded people together, helping you get more from your pub.

The Pub Owners Network group connects pub owners, enabling them to bounce ideas, solve problems and share successes – It’s a forum to encourage one another and hopefully to raise sales and profitability along the way.

7 Reasons to Join The Pub Owners Network Group

  1. Share problems and find solutions from others who’ve experienced similar challenges.
  2. Share successes and help others benefit from your experience.
  3. Share / recommend professional contacts (in particular suppliers) helping keep costs to a minimum.
  4. Broaden your own network – Build relationships with other like-minded people.
  5. Post industry updates / build knowledge of your industry sector.
  6. Discuss topical issues affecting your business and customers.
  7.  Motivate yourself and others through good and bad times.

Click here to join our community today, participate and start reaping the benefits…