The new payroll year begins on 6 April 2019 – There are several important regulatory changes taking place in early 2019 that will have lasting impacts on employer payroll.

Here’s a quick guide to any changes you might need to make to stay compliant.

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Minimum and Living Wage Increases

Every April the minimum and living wages increase – Employers need to ensure their employees are receiving at least the minimum hourly rate for their age.

The National Minimum Wage is the minimum pay per hour to which most workers aged 16 to 24 are entitled. The minimum wage for workers 25 and over is called the National Living Wage.

The hourly minimum wage a worker is entitled to is dependent on their age and whether they are an apprentice.

Employees aged 25 and over must be paid at least the National Living Wage whilst employees aged under 25 must receive at least the National Minimum Wage.

It’s a criminal offence not to pay your employees the National Living Wage or National Minimum Wage, so check the table below to ensure you’re on the right track…

Rates as of April 2019