POS Systems for Hospitality

POS Systems for Pubs

A POS (point-of-sale) system will support your business in numerous ways – Such as handling card and cash transactions, offering flexible payment methods, tracking inventory, and improving communication between staff.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, POS systems are even more crucial for hospitality businesses, as pubs and restaurants have been forced to diversify to takeaway business, offer table service and streamline processes to improve profitability / customer experience.

Investing in a POS system is a key decision for your business – The process of navigating the options and selecting for the right efficient (and cost effective) solution might feel overwhelming…

We’re here to help! – Throughout years of supporting hospitality clients, Fairmile Accounting have built a wealth of knowledge in this area.

Check out our user friendly comparison table to find the best POS system for you!

SuitsLarger venuesGrowing venuesSmaller venuesSmaller venuesAll roundHigher revenue venues
Cost£25+ p/m if using your own iPad

£1199 for complete setup with till

£59+ p/m if using own iPad – Can purchase tills directly£0-69 p/m with your own iPad
£29 p/m with your own iPad£49+ p/m with your own iPadFrom £5,000 per site including installation and setup
Tablet Costs – Additional£15-£30 p/m per extra register£59 p/m per extra registerExtra cost for hardware
£189+ complete setups

£29+ card readers

Extra cost per tabletExtra cost per additional till / tablet
CommitmentNo commitment12 monthsNo commitmentNo commitment12 monthsFlexible
Transaction Feen/a1.75%+1.75%1.75%n/aNegotiable
Accounting Software IntegrationXero & SageXero & QuickbooksXeroXero & QuickbooksXero, Quickbooks, Sage & ShogoXero, Sage & Quickbooks
Inventory ManagementYes – Stock & waste management – Free
Yes – Free add on
Yes – Free add on
Yes – Free add on
Yes – FreeYes – Free
Bar Tab ManagementYesYesNoYesYesYes
Table Service / OrderingTable serviceTable service – Paid add onTable service & QR codes for mobile orderingTable serviceTable serviceTable service & Mobile app ordering
Card Terminal Integration / Payment ProvidersBarclaycard, Global Payments, Paymentsense, WorldpayiZettle reader, paymentsense, SunUp AirSquareiZettle readerBarclaycard, Paymentsense, SquareVerifone, majority of merchant service providers

Fairmile Accounting are specialist licensed trade accountants, with a deep understanding of the hospitality sector – We can advise on tools and processes to help you to adapt to the ‘new (very challenging) normal’ and bounce back when the pandemic finally ends.

Further questions? Get in touch with Fairmile and join our Facebook Group, helping business owners get more from their hospitality business and connect with like minded people – https://www.facebook.com/groups/pubownersnetwork/