CoronaVirus - Assistance - Fairmile Accounting Helpline

Fairmile Accounting, specialist pub and hospitality accountants have set up a CoronaVirus assistance service to both existing clients and the wider industry sector.

Recognising it’s an industry sector at great risk of extinction without immediate cash flow, Fairmile have acted swiftly in retraining our specialist accounting team to provide key information to clients and the wider industry.

We launched a Facebook Group two years ago – “The Pub Owners Network Group” which has seen a massive increase in people requiring support with over 300 people joining a day and its clear that hundreds of Pubs, Restaurants and Hoteliers needed support - We're here to help...

How can we help?

To best assist the hospitality sector we have redeployed our accounting staff, to help our sector through these difficult times.

We will handle:

  • Government Grants / Industry Specific Grants - Advice / administration to ensure you secure what you're entitled to as quickly as possible.
  • Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme - Advice / administration of employee salaries to ensure your staff get paid and you retain them long term.
  • Government Backed Loans - Business plan creation to assist loan applications.
  • Emergency cash flow reporting - To help you plan for the short / medium term.
  • General HMRC advice.
  • We are also working with specialist partners to assist you in the following areas:

  • HR Advice.
  • Insurance Disputes.
  • Pub Company Relationship / Disputes - Communication with pub owning businesses (regarding rent, deliveries, return of stock etc).
  • Pub code adjudicator / market rent only issues.
  • Rent Assessments
  • Debt Management
  • Please call us today for immediate assistance - We can get through this if we all help each other.

    We're ready to help